Edgeryders is a global community of change-makers and free thinkers running for six years. We collaborate on an open Internet platform and meet offline whenever we can.

In 2016-2017 we conducted a massive research where we gathered people from all over to learn about open and collaborative models of health and social care. We want to turn the insights and knowledge into a tangible spin-off which contributes to improving our individual and collective work and lives: OpenVillage.

It starts with the festival this October!

We did it before, here’s how.


The Festival follows edgeryders community events tradition: open, participatory gatherings, focused on making progress in our collective journey. We learn from each and every person and project we meet along the way, and we bring it all together to build a tangible outcome.

We learned a lot during the past two years about communities which provide open, inclusive, affordable, tech powered social- and health-care. Our Festival will demo these initiatives and enable us to move a step further towards a systems-level solution. We will design a shared strategy to generate backing (attention, skills and time) for participant collaborations and for new community ventures.
First up: OpenVillage is an up-and-coming network of distributed open houses which will provide care on all dimensions, starting by securing the material means for living and working well together.

Read below the full vision.


There are no organisers, no speakers and no listeners. Everyone contributes their skills and knowledge ahead, during and after the event. It is through openness and shared learning that we move, as a community. Hosting a workshop, sharing a social media status, writing a blog post, cooking, all is welcome. This also enables to keep the event free of monetary charge, the organising costs low and support more people who wish to come.

Expect to learn new things beyond buzzwords, blackberries real conversations and non-superficial “networking”. Expect to meet a bunch of interesting and smart people-whom you would not otherwise meet. At least not in the same space: biohackers, medical doctors, free technologists, artists, platform activists, care workers, scientists, community managers, video-makers, communicators and many more. Learn more: Drop in a weekly online community call on Wednesdays at 18:00 CET here.

Program overview

  1. Arrival and registration

  2. Welcome to OpenVillage!

  3. PANEL: Infrastructures of Autonomy and Dynamic Equilibrium of Collaboration

  4. WORKSHOP: Organizing the open science behind open insulin

  5. The Dunbar Number: Implications of scale on community health

  6. Learning from Emergency Mutual Aid

  7. Lunch/Rest

  8. Re-Imagining the City: Urban Game

  9. Harvesting Session

  10. Communal Dinner

  1. Dream and Care

  2. An ethnography of OpenCare: live demo and research results

  3. Complexities of Water - Investigating Clean Water for Community

  4. Nonnegotiable: Reproductive Sovereignty as a Key to Resilient Communities

  5. Policy Redesigned - collaboratively rewiring inclusivity in to policy

  6. WORKSHOP: Everyone should be able to adopt (lifesaving) health innovation!

  7. Lunch/Rest

  8. Ethics and data protection in open source, community based projects

  9. WORKSHOP: opensourcing DNA Damage testing

  10. PANEL: The Edge of Funding - Sustainability and Financial Models

  11. Harvesting Session

  12. Freestyle

  13. Communal Dinner

  1. Dream and Care

  2. Communal Breakfast

  3. Building OpenVillage

  4. MASTERCLASS: Building healthy and productive online-offline communities

  5. Revolutionary Care: Building Health Autonomy

  6. Creating situations for healthy experiences

  7. Lunch/Rest

  8. Care for digital security

  9. Freestyle

  10. Harvesting Session

  11. Exhibition: Communities of Kalimantan

  12. Screening: Zyara Documentary

  13. Closure Party

NB: The above is a working version, the most up to date schedule is available here and will be available in print format at the festival.


Where we are going: A future to look forward to, collaborating freely in the quest for prosperous, lives full of meaning, love and respect in tight knit groups. It’s not about becoming reclusive tribes, nor is it about rejecting technology. We want to connect with one another, and with the world at large. To be well with ourselves and with one another. To thrive when failing institutions or existing large-scale centralised means of securing a good life no longer can be relied on.

How we get there: We have a long-term map of different components needed in a good life. For most of us, accessing several of them through existing means is difficult or impossible. At least if you look to  what is available in the mainstream where power and resources are concentrated. You need to venture out to the edges where people are experimenting with all kinds of solutions for building thriving individuals, communities and societies.

We are building a network of distributed open houses throughout the globe. Some of us are already living and working in such a space in Brussels, called The Reef. Now we are setting up a new space in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. We are focusing productive community engagement towards key areas: resilience, fitness, mental health, spirituality, communal living and rules of the space, all through practising radical economics, and wild imagination and hacking.

Over time we build a full set of connected techniques, knowledge, relationships and culture that supplies everything needed for long term healthy, sustainable and enjoyable living. We have become a critical mass of people who have developed the skills, infrastructure and resources needed to build and sustain ourselves. And have made many new friends along the way 🙂  

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For festival tickets, partnerships and other business opportunities write to: community@edgeryders.eu

For general inquiries write to: contact@edgeryders.eu