Practical Information


On Day 1 the OpenVillage festival will be La Serre, located on 171 Rue Gray, Ixelles, in Brussels. It is a 20 minute ride from Gare du Midi (tram 81) and the same from Gare Centrale (bus 38 or bus 71).

On Day 2 and Day 3 we will be at Au Quai, located on 23 Quai du Hainaut, Molenbeek, in Brussels. It is a 20 minute ride from Gare du Midi (tram 82) and 15 mins from Gare Centrale (Metro lines 1 or 5).

Planning your trip: make sure you arrive on the 18th October at the latest: we start early on the 19th and it’s going to be three full days. Try to organise your returning journey starting Sunday, so that you don’t miss the Party on October 21st (Day 3, Saturday)! Celebration is a form of care.


Venue Day 1: La Serre is composed of one main hall with direct access to an open kitchen and bar, and two smaller rooms. We can move freely in each, but we all clean up after ourselves. La Serre is wheelchair accessible.
Venue Day 2 and 3: Au Quai has a front door entrance from the street right on the canal, and two floors accessible by stairs. Unfortunately it is not wheelchair friendly at all.

There is more than one session happening at mostly any given time. The general norm is that participants vote with their feet – one can come in and out of a session as long as it doesn’t break the session format. Ask for permission before you do that.

WiFi: Both spaces will be equipped with WiFi, but it remains to be seen if it will be fast enough to hold us all. Be prepared to be frugal 🙂 Everyone is encouraged to take notes and share them in shared documents as well as post live updates on social media (use #openvillage).

Cleanup: We are all responsible for cleaning after ourselves – take the plates, cups and glasses back to the bar/kitchen (La Serre), empty the rooms once a session is over and so on. Note that we will only have two toilets on our disposal in both venues, so please be mindful of others.

Food: Some meals will be covered by edgeryders, while others not. Some meals we will have food delivered, some we will cook together. Day 3 will be entirely self-organised i.e. go to a café or a brasserie nearby. Check the final program version on for updates.

Social activities: On Day 1 we play the Urban Game and will split in teams. Be prepared to make friends quicker than you are perhaps used to 🙂 After the game, we cook together in the evening – be prepared to be enlisted ad hoc for table setting or cleanup duty.

Privacy: Some people might take photos of the event and participants, many of which could be shared on the Internet. If you do not wish to appear in photographs, please raise the issue at the beginning of the festival.

Ticket Support Available

We have been offering full festival passes and/ or travel support for in-kind contributions to the OpenVillage. These are set aside for participants who shape the event, by coming to weekly calls (see below) and completing key tasks (Add an exhibit, talk or workshop proposal, Curate a Theme, Communicate and Engage). Passes and travel support are offered on a case by case basis, so the sooner you get involved the better. See Tickets  info.

Have Questions?

You have three options in order of speed:

  • For a quick reply, write to
  • Come to our weekly online community gatherings. They take place on Wednesdays at 18:00 CET here.
  • You can also contact us on Twitter (please use #openvillage)


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