PANEL: The Edge of Funding - Sustainability and Financial Models

You want to sustain the good work you are doing. In a resource-strained world, you need to be smarter in how you search for and acquire resources. What models are most future proof? Funding is perhaps an obvious means but is getting harder to access and research funding often is focused on serving particular sets of interests.

This session will take a broader look at how to sustain our work in a rapidly changing context. Panel members will share their expertise, followed by Open Space to give participants an opportunity to explore particularly relevant ideas or models in more detail.

This session has been developed to span all the themes at Open Village, from open science to collective living and working, to culture and policy. What kind of sub topics do you want to see covered in this panel? We want your thoughts on this as well as the kind of panel members you’d love to hear from.

While we build the lineup, feel free to put yourself forward as an active contributor and get a ticket to #openvillage!

Like all festival sessions, this is an open conversation on the edgeryders forum. Learn more, ask questions and help shape it! CONTRIBUTE HERE.

Erik Osiakwan (entrepreneur and investor, Poptech, TED, Stanford, MIT and Harvard fellow), Paola Villareal (Creative Commons), Chris Cook (P2P Foundation) tbc