PANEL: Infrastructures of Autonomy

Collaboration is more needed than ever to solve complex problems in care. Yet it can be expensive in time and energy when working outside formal grids, or on a voluntary basis, or in emotionally demanding environments. This kind of work calls for new governance structures and ways of making decisions together based on values that sometimes seem at odds – like self-management and autonomy. This session brings together people who have experience of wrestling with these issues to find an equilibrium which makes it possible for us to work together well.

This session will take a broader look at how to sustain our work through collaboration and organisational frameworks and practices. Panel members will share their expertise, followed by open discussion to give participants an opportunity to explore particularly relevant ideas or models in more detail.

This session has been developed to have broad relevance for participants at Open Village. What kind of sub topics do you want to see covered in this panel? We want your thoughts on this as well as the kind of panel members you’d love to hear from.

While we build the lineup, feel free to put yourself forward as an active contributor and get a ticket to #openvillage!

Like all festival sessions, this is an open conversation on the edgeryders forum. Learn more, ask questions and help shape it! CONTRIBUTE HERE.

John Coate (The Farm, Edgeryders), Yannick Schandene (Huis VDH, VĂ©lo M2, BIFF), Cindy Regalado (The Public Lab) tbc. Moderator- Nicole Demby (Woodbine Health)