About the Event and Organisers

Regardless of how we view ourselves, we are all caregivers in the lives of others. The random smile to a stranger, the hug to a friend in need, the bathing of an infant, the care for an elderly parent.  Everywhere, from the US mainstream media to the fields of the war-torn Middle East, the struggle for care continues.  As the world progresses toward seeming self-immolation, the local models of care we have excelled in for millennia are becoming more prescient.  In addition, new models and technologies are being developed to grow care in an open platform. 

OpenVillage developed out of the wish to connect all these projects and processes.  We are trying to make place for the kind of meaningful initiatives, knowledge, collaborations and efforts in general that taken together enable transformation in how we interact with one another and our environments. Online and in materiality. The transition from a research project uncovering a set of projects and practices with highly promising results at irregular scales, to an independent project driven for, and by, the community. As a new kind of organisation of people working together in new ways, we are at the beginning of a steep learning curve.

The OpenVillage Festival is a three-day event to showcase these connections and projects. 

It is organised by Edgeryders, a community and social enterprise dedicated to building self-sustainable, mission driven projects. 

We hope to create new friends, build on old relationships, and create a more vibrant network of leaders in the world of care. As with all things in this community, we are experimenting; playing with the space between chaos and organization.  We thank you for your participation, your care, and your intention.  We are building the foundations for a new world and we welcome the opportunity to walk with you on that path.    

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For festival tickets, partnerships and other business opportunities write to: community@edgeryders.eu

For general inquiries write to: contact@edgeryders.eu